Our goal is to wash and deodorize, and carefully inspect and repair our clients’ horse blankets and gear in order to save you money. 

We also sell new blankets in rare case it is not cost effective to repair our client’s blanket

Show horses, in order to be kept in show condition, must be blanketed in order for their hair coat to stay slick and shiny. Through out the long winter months they are continually in blankets so they get dirty and torn or have broken, buckle straps, etc.

These big heavy, dirty blankets are not something you would throw in your house hold washer let alone having an industrial sewing machine to repair them. Some people deal with this by just buying new costing $200 up to $800.Our services can definitely save you  money.

Blankets last longer if they are cleaned and kept in good repair. We travel to major horse shows with our semi-trailer to bring our services direct to you, washing and repairing on site!

Because our type of service is not widely available everywhere, we offer our services to horse loves all over the USA by accepting shipped blankets, which we wash and repair them and return back to our client.

Traveling to the horse shows with our 48’ Semi wash trailer fully equipped with commercial wash, dryers and industrial sewing machines is very unique!

Our friendly customer service, quick turn around time and attention to our clients needs is also a big benefit to doing business with us.